Asset Performance Management

Recover value from plants and infrastructures

Consistent and centralised vision of all assets
Real control over critical assets also thanks to monitoring tools
Costs and budgets under control
Increased reliability and OEE% of critical assets
Mitigation of capital investments (for unplanned interventions)
Improved planning, organisation and delivery of interventions
Optimisation of material consumption and management
Improvement and automation of safety aspects
Non-optimised planned stops or unplanned interventions
Incorrectly qualified interventions or rework
Administrative backlog
'Spot' material purchases resulting from ineffective material planning

IBM® Maximo® (in the core traditional edition and in the IBM® Maximo Application Suite®) is the EAM/APM dedicated platform from IBM®.

This platform is available both onPremises and on the Cloud and offers a full range of functionalities, to ensure management, planning, reporting, technical and financial traceability, of the entire asset lifecycle, supporting the operational processes that affect the assets themselves (whether delivered by internal staff or by third parties), guaranteeing integrated management of materials, resources and services, including related purchasing flows (natively or through integration with the existing ERP).

The IBM┬« Maximo Application Suite┬« extends the traditional EAM perimeter toward the Asset Performance Management area, promoting the ÔÇťfield integrationÔÇŁ (IoT, with assets, devices and sensors), thus making applicable more mature maintenance policies, as Asset Monitoring, Condition Based Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance (through AI/ML), as well as the integration with advanced Visual Recognition technologies.

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IFS Ultimo® is the IFS dedicated EAM platform.

This platform is exclusively delivered on the Cloud and offers a full range of features dedicated to the asset lifecycle, with high adaptability, ease of use and integrability.

The IFS sales model flexibility makes Ultimo® applicable to companies of any size.

The "continuous delivery" approach and the availability of "low-code" tools to adapt/configure the platform, combined with a truly streamlined and agile user experience, truly enable rapid implementation and adoption times, resulting in an unparalleled return on investment.

IFS Ultimo

Omninecs' objective, in the field of Asset Management, is to help its customers embark on their methodological and technological evolution, supporting them in achieving their business objectives.

Omninecs' involvement, depending on the client's phase of adopting new technologies, can take the form of:

Methodological consultancy on processes (how best to adopt the best practices that these technologies make available, tailoring them to the specific nature of each client)
Implementation of processes and application functionalities (including reporting and analytics)
Integration with the existing information fabric
Validation support (for industries subject to CSV/GMP)
Training (standard or customised)
Testing support
Roll out and go-live
Start-up support (in the first period after go-live)
Upgrades Version or infrastructure
AMS (Application Management), meaning Trouble Ticketing and/or Evolutive.

Multi Utility
Real Estate
Chemical Pharmaceutical
Luxury & Fashion

Innovative solutions based on IBM Maximo® and created to improve the user experience or address specific functionalities not covered by the solution; discover all Solution Packages by Omninecs.

OMNIEasyDataArchiving+ (Eda+)
OMNIEasyDataArchiving+ (Eda+)

OMNIEasyDataArchiving+ (Eda+)

Over time, Maximo's data naturally grows due to the evolution of the master data and the growth of transaction volumes, whether generated by users (e.g. LODs, RdS, materials, resources, ... or by Maximo itself (e.g. workflow-related tables, audits, logins, ... ).

For many reasons, especially after years of using Maximo, a (sometimes significant) part of this data may no longer make sense, or in any case - being obsolete - no longer need to be kept online in the current production database

Eda+ is an add-on to IBM® Maximo® (in the core traditional edition and in the IBM® Maximo Application Suite®), designed to tackle the problem of data archiving in a simple, effective and intelligent way.

OMNIEasyDataArchiving+ (Eda+)
OMNIEasyBoard+ (Eb+)
OMNIEasyBoard+ (Eb+)
OMNIEasyBoard+ (Eb+) logo

OMNIEasyBoard+ (Eb+)

The majority of Maximo users are often those who access the system on a daily and frequent basis, either to perform checks (e.g. on the progress of operations) or to perform the same simple operations over and over again (e.g. an approval of a PO or its rescheduling).

Eb+ is an add-on to Maximo® (in the core traditional edition and in the IBM® Maximo Application Suite®), designed to make life easier for these users by means of dedicated graphic boards.

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The need to bring Maximo into the field, exploiting established and commonly used technologies to improve data sharing, increase completeness, timeliness and accuracy of reported information, mitigating (if not eliminating altogether) the administrative back-log so burdensome in the absence of such technologies, is increasingly felt and demanded.

Companies' attention, in this regard, is therefore focused on finding solutions that are easy to govern, do not entail significant impacts in terms of infrastructure and, above all, are economically sustainable.

MaxApp+ is an add-on to Maximo® (in the core traditional edition and in the IBM® Maximo Application Suite®), designed to allow access from mobile devices, guaranteeing the use of operational processes and the availability of the necessary data from anywhere and under any conditions.

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OMNIEasyAssetCfg+ (EAC+)
OMNIEasyAssetCfg+ (EAC+)
OMNIEasyAssetCfg+ (EAC+) logo

OMNIEasyAssetCfg+ (EAC+)

Often, for those who manage the operation and maintenance of complex systems, the classic repair history of an asset (albeit detailed and complete) is not sufficient, but more specific processes and functions are required, which guarantee complete and tracked management of the configuration of the assets themselves and the changes that their configuration has undergone over time.

These functionalities are not present in the basic version of Maximo, but are included in a specific add-on, Maximo ACM (Asset Configuration Manager); this add-on responds specifically to the needs of the avionics and railways world (where the demand is not only technological, but above all regulatory), and is therefore an extremely complex and articulated tool.

Companies that do not operate in these specific sectors, precisely because of the complexity and workload that ACM carries, end up considering it exaggerated for their needs, but the fact remains that they cannot fully control the history of configuration changes of their assets... EAC + is an add-on to IBM Maximo®, designed to address this problem in a simplified but effective way, already successfully used in the field of metro transport and railway signalling.

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OMNImxDoc+ (mD+)

Many IBM® Maximo® users do utilize the system as a document repository, through the DocLinks feature; and this, regardless the fact that Maximo® does not provide the standard DMS features, such as versioning, document compulsoriness, approval process, issuing entity/organization, as well as expiring terms.

mD+ is a IBM® Maximo® add-on (supported for both traditional and MAS®) that enhances the user experience by helping them to accurately, thoroughly and consistently handle the documents lifecycle.

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