The customer challenge

  • Autolinee Toscane has transformed from "niche" TCp (1 dep, 47 bus, 10 users) to "regional level" TCp (40 deps, 3000+ bus, 400+ users)
  • This revolution could not fail to be accompanied by the adoption of tools, methodologies and technologies to plan, manage and track the processes on which the provision of the service is based:
    • fleet up-time and and repairs traceability
    • storeroom and inventory management
    • labor tasks traceability
    • automatic acquisition of consumption and travel meters
    • fleet cost life-cycle management
    • Full-Service contract alignment
    • general services management on warehouses and buildings

The adopted solution

  • The solution was based on an extensive implementation of IBM Maximo:
    • mapping and management of vehicles, buildings, depots, infrastructures
    • specific approval processes, for maintenance operations and goods/services purchasing
    • complex maintenance policies implementation
    • integration with internal fueling stations
    • Implementation of specific processes (travel tickets purchasing)
    • reporting and analytics at different levels
  • The implementation has been completed with OMNIMaxApps+:
    • SR+ , raising Service Requests
    • Refuel+, refueling logs (2000+ drivers)
    • QuickR+, full WO tracking


The benefits achieved

  • Standardization of families and vehicle classes, with standardization of the criteria for detail them into sub-assemblies and spare parts
  • Complete and consistent traceability of the of the vehicles repairs history, as well as the economic impacts resulting from it
  • Operational processes digitalization, increasing data quality and reducing back-office tasks
  • Real-time availability of the 'active' status of the vehicles, with automatic notification to the departments and relevant bodies
  • Transparency, immediacy, simplicity in information management, through intuitive, complete and timely analytics and reporting
Higher quality transportation, with full asset control
2021 — Autolinee Toscane

Autolinee Toscane has in charge public local transportation services, covering the entire region. Joining the RAPT DEV (5th worldwide player in the sector), Autolinee Toscane wishes to deliver a new, more modern mobility service to the territory, introducing innovation and leveraging emerging technologies, to guarantee an ever-increasing quality of service and an ever-better experience for its users.