Service Impact

Service Impact Orchestrator

Service Impact Orchestrator measures the impact on your business

Service Impact Orchestrator powered by OMNINECS (SIO BY OMNINECS) provides C-level managers with an easy-to-use software dashboard to assess the business impact of any IT event, for making evidence-based decisions. It provides an intelligent and dynamic way to prioritising activities and investments.

estimate the impact of relevant events on company assets, lines of business, processes and operations
correlate data from different sources to obtain accurate and complete information
decide the deployment of IT resources based on the most urgent business needs

Comprehensive assessment of the business consequences of any IT event (affected systems and users, lines of business and processes, etc.) with quantitative and financial metrics
Integration of multiple corporate events and databases to automatically and efficiently correlate all relevant information
Intuitive dashboard to visualise data through user-friendly charts and tables
Simple integration with all OMNINECS solutions (SIO by OMNINECS is available as an add-on for OMNINECS ICTec and ERD powered by OMNINECS)