We are your allies for digital transformation. The partner that can help companies implement advanced market solutions with integration and adhoc software development in Enterprise Asset Management, Enterprise Service Management, Business Continuity Management, Systems Engineering and Facility Management.

For more than 20 years, our mission has been to make our customers' digital transformation journey easier, supporting them in adopting innovative technologies to improve their business results.

At Omninecs we believe that it is people who really make the difference. We value talent and professional growth, cultivating relationships of respect and trust, both with our people and with our clients.

In each project we bring our experience and dedication to guiding and supporting companies in achieving their goals, from process analysis to the implementation and use of technology platforms.

Our approach  

Are you ready to engage in a compelling journey towards innovation and growth?

Passion and Dedication
Passion and Dedication

Always ready to put ourselves on the line, we are determined to provide quality, innovative and tailor-made solutions to fully meet our customers' needs.

Innovation and Expertise
Innovation and Expertise

We firmly believe in our people and their skills; we see the ability to innovate as the tool to remain competitive in the long term and ensure the sustainability of the business

Empathy and Proximity
Empathy and Proximity

We cultivate long-term value relationships with our customers, developing a constructive and empathetic dialogue.

Digital Transformation
it’s not a Big Bang; it’s a Journey!

Today's landscape of digital revolution calls for approaches that are strategic, flexible and change-driven.

It is crucial that organisations, in order to remain competitive in the market, embark on a progressive digitisation journey and pursue new sustainable business models.

For more than 20 years, Omninecs' mission has been to facilitate the digital transformation journey of companies.

Leveraging our proven and solid background in Service Performance Management, Enterprise Asset Management and Systems Engineering, we help our clients to achieve higher performance, implement agile processes and market-leading cutting-edge technologies with a focus on IT security.

Barbara Alberici
CEO Omninecs

"Innovation is no longer an option: it is the wisest choice one can make to ensure business continuity and growth. By embarking on a journey of digital transformation, organisations are preparing for their future. Is this all about technology? Not really. At Omninecs, we believe it is innovation if there is respect for people in all their uniqueness; it is innovation if there is respect for the environment. We work as partners with our customers and contribute to their success with our expertise, experience, versatility and intuition

Their victory is our victory.

We aim to achieve ambitious goals. We are 'The People Company', always seeking lasting relationships based on mutual respect and trust. This is my commitment as CEO. I will grow Omninecs and our team with passion and dedication, turning uncertainties into opportunities. For us and for our customers."