Response Director

Emergency Response Director

In emergency situations, most people try to do quickly what they would not normally do, in an environment with which they are unfamiliar: this may compromise the effectiveness of the crisis response, amplifying the impact on operations instead of minimising it.

by supporting the crisis and business continuity manager to react in a more systematic and organised way in response to disasters or undesirable events?

It is a that supports business continuity teams in planning how to successfully handle disasters and critical events that can jeopardise day-to-day business operations.

ERD guides the organisation in a to minimise the impact on the business and improve organisational resilience. It provides an integrated and intuitive software solution to detect early when a critical event is impacting the company's business and orchestrate the best possible response.

Your approach to a crisis situation will no longer be fragmented or chaotic, but highly resilient. The Crisis and Business Continuity team will be able to minimise the consequences of disaster by addressing it early and assessing the impact on the business as a whole.

Collect, aggregate and provide enriched information from relevant sources (institutional bodies, news agencies or any authoritative source relevant to their business)
Filter fake crises
Geolocalise potential crise
Send massive notifications to stakeholders in the event of a crisis
Monitor crisis response and execution of tasks

Advanced crisis management planning and effective orchestration in action, reducing the risk of errors or failures
Improved organisational resilience: keep your business operations up and running in any critical event. Maintain situational awareness and improve emergency preparedness.
The product itself is resilient as it is developed to operate in cloud environments with satellite network infrastructures
Extreme reliability: OMNINECS' ERD has been running in a customer's production environment for 3 years without any failures
Competitively priced, keep your key personnel focused on more business-critical tasks. Maintain more streamlined and effective communication between key stakeholders