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Our main driver is the knowledge and experience of people able to support companies not only through the ability to develop major technology projects, but also through advanced skills in

Thanks to Security Assessment we can identify the company's critical assets and services and assess the degree of protection on them, setting the most effective strategy to secure them.

We work with industry-leading vendors, including:

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Omninecs operates in the Security sector by offering solutions and services dedicated to three main areas:

Security operation


Omninecs supports the customer with a a team of IT security experts who use advanced technologies to analyse and respond to threats to the organisation's IT security. The main activities range from threat detection, incident management and prevention of future attacks.

Security operation


Omninecs' security compliance service offers a wide range of solutions to help organisations ensure Omninecs' team of IT security experts uses advanced risk assessment and vulnerability analysis techniques to identify areas where your organisation may not be compliant with current regulations. Based on the results of the analysis, Omninecs provides specific recommendations to ensure compliance and protect the organisation's sensitive data. Omninecs' security compliance service also includes periodic compliance audits and the management of any IT security breaches. We work hand in hand, guiding the client through the regulatory compliance journey and

Security testing


We deploy testing activities to measure the degree of security of organisations. Omninecs' security testing service is designed to identify and assess the vulnerabilities of an organisation's information systems. Omninecs' team of computer security experts uses advanced and Risk Assessment techniques to identify potential vulnerabilities in systems and applications. With this service, organisations can identify possible threats to computer security and take the necessary measures to protect sensitive data or assets. Thanks to Omninecs' security testing service, organisations can ensure the security of their data and protect their reputation from possible IT security breaches.

Security testing

Omninecs' Emergency Response Director (ERD) is the that enables your organisation to react quickly to emergency situations, improving business resilience and supporting people in managing the most critical business activities.

Crisis scenarios
Map crisis scenarios
Carry out reporting
Critical events
Manage critical events
Tracking and survey
Track and conduct post-event surveys

ERD is a framework of tools based on a solid architecture, capable of adapting to the client's needs and processes. The solution provides the ability to recognise the root causes of the crisis event and plan for emergency management, facilitating the adoption of business processes and practices to ERD can be easily integrated with existing company platforms and databases and represents an innovative proposal capable of guaranteeing interconnection and interoperability to deal with any critical event in real time.


Forward-looking companies adopt best practices to prevent crisis situations and not be caught unprepared. One of these best practices is testing. With ERD it is possible to carry out a useful feature that allows your team to train in the management of an abnormal event. The tool provides resources with a dashboard that accompanies the user through all phases of crisis management and allows testing.

Only through measurement is it possible to objectively determine whether our business is going in the right direction. ERD supports you in measuring and analysing data by This type of functionality is used in numerous scenarios.


A unified Customer Service approach, worldwide

10 months | 2023

A unified Customer Service approach, worldwide