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mD+ is a IBM® Maximo® add-on (supported for both traditional and MAS®) that enhances the user experience by helping them to accurately, thoroughly and consistently handle the documents lifecycle.


mD+ is a native Maximo® application, so it doesn’t require any infrastructure extensions or specific skills beyond those on Maximo® itself
mD+ extends the most common master data functionalities (Assets, Locations and Companies) to support regulatory or quality related compliance, i.e. in the following use cases:
  • Assets proper installation and operations status certificate validity, (such as, for instance, a Boiler Certificate)
  • Locations’ specific permits/docs validity (such as, for instance, a Fire Guardians Permit)
  • Companies specific HSE-related permits/docs validity, which allow a third party to enter a specific site (as such, for instance, a Risk Assessment Doc).
mD+ introduces a single new application (OMD_TEMPLATE), designed to define rules/behaviors to which documents must adhere, based on the relative master data classification; for each document, it is possible to handle:
  • Type
  • Compulsoriness
  • Issuing entity/organization
  • Potential expiration terms
Any change on these elements triggers automatic cross-checks, flagging any impact on existing documents, providing a dedicated update and re-framing action.
Master data functionalities have been extended as follows:
  • There is a new tab (“Documents”) which - preserving the standard Maximo® behavior for technical and unregulated docs), focus on the docs referenced in the templates, highlighting with colors and icons their consistency status
  • Again on the new “Document” tab, the “Create new Attachment” does require the declaration of the document Type, as well as the Issue Date (if the template does require it), according to which the Validity Date is automatically calculated based on the template itself)
  • The “List” tab is enriched with icons which help to clearly understand the consistency status of each record
  • Classification changes trigger consistency cross-checks, flagging any impact on existing documents, so suggesting the re-framing action above mentioned regarding the templates.

mD+ is easy to be installed and utilized right away and can:

Help to entirely handle the main master data documents consistency (Assets, Locations and Companies)
Integrate (i.e with the workflow) the document consistency status with the approval and operation processes (as, for instance, deny a Work Order approval, if assigned to an external Company, if it does not meet all the HSE-related requirements defined n the associated document template).