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MaxApp+ is a framework designed to allow access to Maximo® data from mobile devices, anytime, anyhow.


MaxApp+ provides a set of simple and intuitive apps, dedicated to the classic scenarios that are faced daily by Maximo users:
  • Maintenance Engineering, apps dedicated to the management and/or consultation of assets and locations
  • Maintenance Operations, apps dedicated to:
    • Service Requests (opening, consultation and approval)
    • OdL (opening, consultation, approval and reporting)
    • Dedicated Audits and Inspections
    • Time and cost accounting per job
    • Travel log reporting
  • Warehouse and Purchasing, dedicated apps:
    • management of all types of material handling (withdrawals, returns, clothing and PPE management, goods entry, spot and general inventory adjustments)
    • approval of purchasing documents (POs, POs and invoices)
It is a solution designed based on Maximo's standard integration tools (NextGen restAPI) and, as such, does not require any infrastructure extension
The application philosophy adopted replicates what is made available by Maximo (e.g. the Database Configuration application) so that the management of the solution does not require any specific skills beyond those of Maximo itself; thanks to this approach, the solution guarantees elements of configurability and adaptability similar to those of Maximo
The native use of Maximo's application and architectural standards guarantees full compliance in terms of security and authentication, with access profiling natively inherited from Maximo itself
The application components of MaxApp+ do not impact the native Maximo data model, i.e. the solution can be implemented without requiring changes or configurations to the models, data and processes currently implemented
Full integration with the Maximo workflow
Adherence to current technology and UX standards (IOS and Android)
Full use of device technologies (GPS, NFC, camera for either media capture or BarCode/QRCode scanning)
Two-level recognition support (via OTP)
Support of on-line and off-line modes
Adherence to IBM's licensing rules, ensuring the customer that the introduction of this solution is fully in line with the terms of use of Maximo core licences

MaxApp+ is easy to install, use and adapt to the models, data and processes implemented in Maximo, and can help users to

Have all the important information for their field activities (technical, administrative and safety) at their fingertips
Report promptly and consistently on interventions carried out, significantly increasing the quality and completeness of the information content reported in the system
Ensure traceability and precise auditability of what happens in operations, in terms of technical, administrative and, far from trivial, safety engineering
Conducting audits/inspections with automatic checks on the quality of reported data, progress status and relative level of completion.
Very significant reduction of the administrative back-log, perceived by the users themselves as a low-value activity

As an example, many customers have seen the number of LODs per period increase by a noticeable percentage; this does not mean that machines 'break' more, but that without the help of field support, the delta represents exactly how much information content was lost before (not necessarily due to a lack of rigor, as confirmed by the relevant literature).

As a further example, many customers, in addition to forwarding information to field users on risks and preventions/PPIs relating to their interventions, have, thanks to MaxApp+, operationally involved functions such as RSPPs or Safety Assistants in the processes, so that risks can be validated and contextualised with respect to the current specific context, guaranteeing control over the evolution of processes and automatic traceability for the purposes of regulatory and/or quality audits/controls.

In a word, MaxApp+ to work with Maximo always, everywhere and in any case.