Maximo Easy Asset

Maximo Easy Asset Configuration

The IBM Maximo software does not include this functionality in the basic configuration, therefore, the IBM proposal is an additional software, the Maximo Asset Configuration Manager, a complex and sophisticated software.

Thanks to an extremely flexible development team and previous knowledge of EAM in general and Maximo in particular, OMNINECS has created a using an approach guided by System Engineering standards in its own software development laboratory .

MEAC provides a simple approach to define a structured product breakdown (PBS) and to ensure a hierarchical organisation of resources in accordance with the defined PBS.

Ability to define the physical/logical structure of the asset configuration
Ensure the consistency of the asset structure with a specific configuration tree (item consistency)
Maintain and reconstruct the asset configuration hierarchy when assets are moved
Roll-down of asset/location counter readings
Tracking relevant configuration changes
Visualisation of asset configuration at a specific time in the past