ICT Event

ICT Event collector

(OMNINECS ICTec) provides accurate, real-time information for smarter IT service management.

With OMNINECS ICTEC you will achieve high-level IT service availability and performance by reducing time-consuming tasks, enabling your IT operations teams to become more efficient and effective.

You will be provided with to prevent potential problems before they occur and resolve them before customers have a chance to detect them. You will know exactly where the problem originated and how it should be handled, enabling much shorter recovery times, improving your team's problem resolution and simplifying your already demanding workload.

OMNINECS ICTec collects, correlates and enriches data from your IT services, displaying key information and recommended actions to address any detected problems. This gives your IT staff the opportunity to prevent potential problems and address any disruptions, minimising the impact on your business.

Maximise IT service availability and business productivity
Improve user satisfaction
Keep your Network Operations Centre (NOC) up and running as smoothly and easily as possible
Reduce IT management costs