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EAC+ is an add-on to IBM Maximo®, designed from the System Engineering standards to address the problem of asset configuration management (PBS, Product Breakdown Structure) and the traceability of changes to it over time.


These are extensions to certain applications of Maximo which, as such, do not require any infrastructure extensions or specific skills beyond those on Maximo itself
EAC+ allows you to:
  • Define physical or logical structures associated to assets
  • Define "object configuration models" and consequently control how modifications to asset structures are or are not in conformity with the models
  • Maintain and reconstruct the configuration hierarchy of assets in the event of their being moved
  • Trace all configuration changes made
  • Propagate counter values top-down along the configuration structure
  • To reconstruct what the configuration of an asset was at any date in the past

EAC+ is easy to install and easy to use, right out of the box. With EAC+ Maximo is no longer limited to 'as maintained configuration', but allows the entire configuration lifecycle of complex assets to be managed and tracked, meeting the typical needs of the companies that operate and maintain them, with an intuitive approach, guaranteeing completeness of results, for a more than reasonable effort