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Eb+ is a Maximo® add-on, designed to improve the user experience of those who work with this platform on a daily basis, through dedicated graphic boards.


It is a native Maximo solution which, as such, does not require any infrastructural extensions or specific skills other than those on Maximo itself
The boards relate (in a kind of virtual matrix) any Maximo object, or a calendar, allowing the characteristics of the cells representing the intersection of the two defined coordinates to be defined
The information content referring to cells can be themed with colours and icons, according to specific conditional expressions in the system, in order to highlight important or critical data and/or situations in a simple and intuitive way
A direct link to the corresponding applications can be defined on the core elements of the coordinates, thus facilitating intuitive navigation
It is also possible to define a direct link on cells (with the same purpose) but, above all, it is possible to invoke specific actions, which make it possible to obtain intuitively, and with a single click, actions that on the Maximo interface could be very laborious, in full compliance with the application rules that Maximo itself imposes
A dedicated toolbar is provided to allow the user to perform actions on the boards (such as searches, queries, graphical settings, etc.)
Each board can be provided with graphic KPIs summarising the information displayed in an analytical manner
Eb+ consists of several applications
  • Template Designer
    (main application):
    allows the administrator to design, define and manage templates. Once completed, the template can be published and made available to the Eb+ Viewer application or integrated into Maximo's native applications
  • Skin Designer:
    allows the administrator to customise the graphic appearance of the templates
  • Dialog Designer:
    allows the administrator to define the dialogue boxes to be used in the templates, for a given action
  • KPI Manager:
    allows the administrator to define and manage KPIs, how they are updated and how they are used within the boards
  • Viewer:
    allows all users to access the templates that have been published, in read-only mode or usable in editing mode, according to the specific permission levels defined

Eb+ is easy to install and easy to use, right out of the box, and can help users to:

Easily define dedicated analytics on valuable data in Maximo, relating any managed entity
Highlight important or critical situations, thus easily supporting decision-making
Speed up and make as effective as possible operations that occur every day, and frequently

In a word, Eb+ can improve the lives of Maximo users (and not by a little....).