The customer challenge

  • Processes and services normalization, in order to create a "holistic" and unique approach, overcoming a siloed view by geography or by Customer
  • Services triggering, planning and execution optimization, in order to improve internal metrics and Customer's SLAs
  • Internal resources optimization, with full digitization of the field processes
  • Increased consistency in the management and traceability of the technical and economic aspects of the tasks, enabling and facilitating auditability and accountability
  • Definition of new integrated, innovative and collaborative Customer involvement model
  • Application consolidation from several and heterogenous tools 

The adopted solution

  • The solution has been based on IBM MAXIMO Asset Management
  • The platform flexibility brought, over time, a significant growth of the organization, supporting and facilitating new Customers acquisition, as well as new services introduction, involving now 1000+ users (among internal resources, third Parties and Customers)
  • The platform flexibility has allowed the organization to adapt itself to the market requirements and constraints, both in terms of processes and behavior rules
  • The Maximo's Integration Framework has enabled the integration and rationalization of internal (ERP and Real Estate) and external (direct with customers) information flows

The benefits achieved

  • Complete WOs processes automation, with sensible improvement of the Time-to-Respond and Time-to-Fix metrics, with obvious impact onto Customer's SLAs
  • Complete field operations digitization, with significant increasing of the technicians' wrench-time
  • Collected data volume, timeliness and quality, with explicit impact on the Customer's perceived level of service
  • Timely traceability of:
    • plants and equipment reparative life cycle
    • technical and economic tasks lifecycle as support to the sales, administrative and engineering decisions
  • Technical and economic KPIs benchmarking, for equipment and services, within different geo-zones and different Customers.


Excellence in Global Service & Facility Management
2019 — CBRE

CBRE Gws Technical Division S.p.a., belonging to the CBRE Group, is a leader in the provision of design, construction, and maintenance services of technical plants and complex buildings. For 30 years, it has been a dynamic company, with a strong presence in the territory, high competence, and professionalism of its resources, equipped with the most advanced technologies and the most advanced information management systems, all in full compliance with international quality standards.