The customer challenge

  • PoS census and classification
  • Full involvement of the designated actors (Engineering, PoS Managers, Guardiancy and Third Parties)
  • Data and processes standardization around Service Providers
    • census, certification/enabling
    • normalized classification of the various types of expected service
    • contract services catalogue, with complete articulation of items (ordinary vs extraordinary, rights, availability, expenses, ...)
  • Task triggering, planning and scheduling processes optimization
  • Agile and "provable" reporting
  • Control, approval, accounting and billing process simplification and automation
  • Integration with the existing application map

The adopted solution

  • The solution has been based on IBM MAXIMO Asset Management
  • The flexibility of the adopted platform has allowed to define the complex data model required, as well as to adapt the process to specific operational needs, facilitating the involvement of all actors' implications with agile and intuitive functionality
  • What is dedicated to the technicians on the field has been realized leveraging the OMNINECS MaxApps+ framework;                a simple and intuitive access, from a tablet, which was favorably adopted right away.
  • The Maximo Integration Framework has made it possible to integrate the Document Managements in use and to interoperable, when requested, with the information systems of the main Suppliers

The benefits achieved

  • PoS organization, rules and processes are common and standardized
  • Services (classifications and categories) are normalized and managed in the same way, everywhere
  • Only "known" persons, authorized, qualified and with the necessary regulatory requirements, access to PoS; all accesses are tracked (also for COVID purposes)
  • Communication with Suppliers is clear, transparent and timely, less risk and less discussion due to "informal" communications
  • Timely intervention reporting, automated and facilitated control, significantly mitigation of the administrative backlog, less (or none) litigation and complaint situations
  • Pre-invoicing and accounting lead-time significant reduction
Point of Sales Operation Excellence
2021 — Dimar

DIMAR is a relevant reality in the north-western Italian LD, strongly rooted in the territory and developed within the local social tissue. A continuous focus to the tech innovation, to the valorization of the suppliers (food, goods and services) and to the environmental and social responsibilities, today guarantees DIMAR a consolidated image of dynamism, solidity and reliability.