The customer challenge

  • FM valuable Tech Services market grows day by day, but more (and bigger) are the opportunities more becomes critical the preventive assessment about buildings, infrastructures and asset, in order to:
    • standardize evaluation criteria cross the organization
    • mitigate risk and indeterminacy of the "taking in charge"
    • Foresee and plan in advance "out-of-scope" activities (already known)
    • Decrease, if not eliminate altogether, traditional back-office effort required to control and consolidate data from the field, speeding up the relative documentation preparation
    • Prompt and transparent share with the Customer the real state of the art


The adopted solution

  • The solution has been base extending         OMNIMaxApps+, specifically with the       Check+ app  which let:
    • define due-diligence protocols, customizabile according to the required questions, to the type of the expected answers and to corrective action or annotations to be reported in case missing or insufficient compliance
    • plan the Audit execution about Customer's spaces, buildings and asset
    • generate the due-diligence operating instances, dispatching them to the involved technicians
    • facilitate a rapid and nimble filling out
    • centralize, in real-time, the Audit outcomes, in order to share them with the Customer and support corrective actions, if necessary
    • A dedicated "outcome report" has been introduced (available on mobile itself)

The benefits achieved

  • Due-diligence processes and metrics normalization (while preserving their adaptability per Customer) in order to define consistent and homogeneous outcomesFull Due-diligence planning and execution digitalization
  • Due-diligence planning ed execution full digitalization
  • Real-time visibility and control about Due-diligence completion status, outcomes and global performances
  • Clear and prompt highlighting of critical or abnormal situations, with consequent generation of corrective actions
  • Customer relationship clear, simple, transparent, based on complete, intuitive and on-time reporting
Facility due-diligence, prompt and consistent
2020 — CBRE

CBRE Gws Technical Division S.p.a., belonging to the CBRE Group, is a leader in the provision of design, construction, and maintenance services of technical plants and complex buildings. For 30 years, it has been a dynamic company, with a strong presence in the territory, high competence, and professionalism of its resources, equipped with the most advanced technologies and the most advanced information management systems, all in full compliance with international quality standards.