17 September 2019
Want your organisation to work better? Improve ESM

According to a survey by Enterprise Management Associates on IT leaders worldwide, about 90% of organisations have deployed some level of Enterprise Service Management (ESM). However, few of them have a clear vision of how ESM could be leveraged to boost corporate performance and results.

In very simple words, ESM allows organisations to extend the service-oriented model typically developed for IT operations (ITMS) to non-IT functions across the enterprise, including for instance HR, finance, legal, facilities management and customer support. The approach has widely proved to be applicable and successful in any department or process where information sharing, workflow automation, incident resolution, reporting and advanced analytics are needed.

By delivering a better service experience, ESM contributes to productivity and performance acceleration, as well as to efficiency and cost-saving. Some organisations which have already implemented ESM defined it an “a way to create better ways of working” and acknowledged benefits such as increased operational efficiency and better outcomes, additional team capacity with reduced effort, superior employee satisfaction and engagement.

In the digital disruption age, ESM is more and more at the forefront of process and workflow automation – and it has become the perfect base ground to pilot emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. The injection of predictive intelligence capabilities into service management enables self-service and self-help applications via virtual agents, staff augmentation programs, overall providing insightful information to evolve operations and favour innovation.

A side effect of the growing adoption of ESM is the most prominent role CIOs are achieving within their organisations: as IT-based services are drivers of development and growth, CIOs are responsible not only for ensuring reliable IT support but for elevating the service experience at all company levels.

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