Software Development Lab unit in OMNINECS is specializes in building innovative software.

OMNINECS as a system integrator assist businesses of all types and sizes, the Development Lab team is involved to develop custom software solutions when are needed to meet the customer requirements. We have the necessary skills to build anything from web based application to mobile apps to desktop applications; as well as enterprise-quality solutions for large corporations.

Our team of developers has expertise in: 

  • project management
  • System Engineering
  • various programming languages, databases & operating systems
  • app development (iOS and Android)
  • web technologies
  • 3D graphics
  • Various software platform (Maximo, ServiceNow, ‚Ķ)

Our combined backgrounds equip us to deliver robust, mission-critical, and high-performance systems.‚Äč

We are open and honest in all our dealings.

We have proven capabilities and the right expertise to design, develop, test and deploy tailored solutions for your specific needs: are you ready to fast-track innovation and explore new growth opportunities?

ICT Event Console
Service Impact Orchestrator
IoT Orchestration Platform
Maximo Easy Asset Configuration
Emergency Response Director

ICT Event Console powered by OMNINECS (ICTEC by OMNINECS)

A powerful and flexible IT Event and Correlation Management solution

The traditional playground for IT operations is changing, as modern infrastructures need to consider hybrid clouds and APIs, virtualization and containerization, mobile devices and BYOD policies, generating terabytes of data every day.

OMNINECS ICT Event Console (OMNINECS ICTec) provides accurate and real-time information for smarter IT Service Management.


Service Impact Orchestrator powered by OMNINECS (SIO by OMNINECS)

Measure the business impact

Service Impact Orchestrator powered by OMNINECS (SIO BY OMNINECS) provides C-level managers an easy-to-use software dashboard to assess the business impact of any IT event, transforming data into actionable insights to take evidence-based decisions. It represents a smart, dynamic method for linking key IT services and resources to business goals, prioritizing activities and investments.

SIO by OMNINECS: the innovative and reliable business impact calculator.


OMNIDashboard+ powered by OMNINECS

One dashboard for each business

The data-driven organization puts data and analytics front and center in its business strategy and throughout all echolons. It differentiates itself from competition by making data-driven optimization part of daily operations. Many companies today are striving to become data-driven.

The OMNIDashboard+ is a highly customizable tool, with a product you can create the profile for each business function.


IoT Orchestration Platform powered by OMNINECS (IoTOP by OMNINECS)

Take IoT events under control

IoT Orchestration Platform powered by OMNINECS is the highly customizable event management software platform to collect and analyze the occurrences generated from any IoT data source. Thanks to a performing event correlator, a scheduler and the integrated database, it supports a vast array of scripts or programs in any language, enabling the development of innovative IoT-ready solutions.

Looking for more? Discover OMNINECS ICTec and ERD by OMNINECS, they are both based on IoT Orchestration Platform powered by OMNINECS!


Maximo Easy Asset Configuration powered by OMNINECS (MEAC by OMNINECS)

Control your asset is never been so easy 

Approaching the processes of EAM and realizing the related data models is never simple and immediate, as it involves the organization, the processes themselves, the existing information systems, people and their behaviors, with significant potential impact in terms of Confguration Management.

Managing the configurations means ensuring that, with in a complex system, there is everything you need and everything is in order.

Maximo Easy Asset Configuration (MEAC) provides a simple approach for defining a product subdivision structure (PBS) and ensuring the hierarchical adherence of assets to the defined structure.


OMNIMaxApp+ powered by OMNINECS

New technology is not anymore a constraint in using IBM Maximo


Accessing IBM Maximo from mobile devices is finally possible!

OMNIMaxApp + is an app to access IBM Maximo asset management services through a mobile device to manage Work Orders, Service Requests and Warehouses anywhere without a PC. With the off-line mode perhaps it is possible to consult your Maximo environment and interact with it even when an internet connection is not available and, through some configurations made directly on Maximo, it is possible to customize screens and create new applications using the REST API exposed by the system.

The growth in the level of maturity in asset management passes through the adoption of new technologies



OMNIEasyDataArchiving+ powered by OMNINECS

Are you struggling with increasingly volumes of Maximo data ?

OMNIEasyDataArchiving is a smart easy to use application to archive and retrieve your data from Maximo data base as you need


OMNIDrawing+ powered by OMNINECS

Control your space from IBM Maximo interface

Managing physical space and its inventory is a fundamental process for any organisation. At OMNINECS, we extended our EAM portfolio by introducing a new drowing functionality as add-on for IBM Maximo.

Maximo's standard application has been enriched with the new features of the OMNIDrawing+ module. It is possible to import the plnimetry file and associate it with the current Location with a single operation. Each location can have a link with multiple floor plans, one of which will be identified as "main". A new "Space Management" tab has also been added to show the information of the main floor plan and a table showing the other associations.


Emergency Response Director powered by OMNINECS (ERD by OMNINECS)

A solution to better manage crisis

In emergency situations, most people try to do quickly what they do not ordinarily do, in an environment they are not familiar with ‚Äď this might compromise the effectiveness of crisis response, amplifying impact on operations instead of minimizing it.

ERD aid to improve organizational resilience


Requirements Management Compliance Solution Package (RMCompliance)

Requirements Management Compliance Solution Package is a solution based on professional services that use frameworks and assets built over the years to assess compliance with quality metrics of the requirements present in the IBM DOORS classic repositories.

Safety-critical systems must normally comply with standards and in particular, the predefined metrics refer to ISO / IEC 15288 - "Systems and software engineering - System life cycle processes" summarized in the "System Engineering Handbook" of INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) and the INCOSE TP-2010-006-01 Guide for Writing Requirements