introducing a new add-on for IBM Maximo

Managing physical space and its inventory is a primary, yet highly important process for any organisation. Some companies still carry out this task with printed floorplans and coloured markers, but this becomes impossible in case of large facilities or distributed offices, with hundreds or thousands of items to be tracked, maintained and controlled. Excel spreadsheets or AutoCAD drawings might not even be enough.

At OMNINECS, we have created a new add-on for space management to deliver active facility and real estate management, providing unparalleled visualisation capabilities of floorplans and assets to support any monitoring or consolidation activity; we extended our Enterprise Asset Management portfolio by introducing a new Space Management module for IBM Maximo with three specific applications: Plan Import Templates, Plans and Symbols Library. Thanks to this solution, companies can better understand space utilisation and optimise existing locations, taking more strategic rental and lease decisions to minimise occupancy costs.

Plan Import Templates allows customers to define reliable templates to import floorplan files in .dwg e .dxf formats, setting key parameters and enabling some data processing flows, including room detection and surface calculation
Plans support the management of site plan registries
Symbols Library allows creating image libraries to add icons and better identify assets and objects

Moreover, we have enriched the standard Locations application to facilitate operations across multiple sites, offices or facilities. Maximo's standard application has been enriched with the new features of the Space Management module. Each location can have a link with multiple floor plans, one of which will be identified as "main". A new "Space Management" tab has also been added to show the information of the main floor plan and a table showing the other associations.

Moving from a manual or semi-automated inventory process to an integrated, performing space management solution can help the company reduce overall operating costs, increase staff productivity and provide real-time visibility into how facilities are truly being used, across one or many locations.

If your organisation is willing to improve the management of physical space and assets. 
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