A dashbord for the whole company

The data-driven organization puts data and analytics front and center in its business strategy and throughout all echolons. It differentiates itself from competition by making data-driven optimization part of daily operations. Many companies today are striving to become data-drive

This modern view of business makes more necessary for company decision-maker to check often data.

The market offers different kinds of dashboards depending on each business organization. In this way, it’s more difficult for IT, since it provides these tools to others business, unit and for workers that need to use a big variety of tools.

The OMNIDashboard is a product easily and highly customizable

It’s one product that adapts to every company function.

To customize a dashboard it’s necessary to associate a series of pages to every user. Every page can be built through some widgets offered by the application.

It’s possible to connect a data source to each widget, furthermore a script which converts data may be associated. It’s possible to set a range of refresh up.


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