28 November 2019
OMNINECS at the Italian Workshop on Systems Engineering in Genoa
OMNINECS is glad to sponsor the 2019 Italian Workshop on Systems Engineering that takes place on Dec. 5-6, 2019, in Genoa, Italy.

The event is organized by the Italian Association on Systems Engineering  (AISE) with the patronage of the region of Liguria and the Municipality of Genoa.

The goal of this 2-day workshop is to promote networking and the development of new working groups, including the strengthening of the existing ones, to guarantee high-quality, shared, and usable work products for the members of the AISE-INCOSE community.

On the first day in the afternoon, Marco Bucci, the mayor of Genoa, will deliver a keynote speech.

Regarding the technical program it will feature two sessions: Working and Outreach.

All sessions will be simultaneous and will cover:

  • On 5 December

1) Verification, Validation, and Test Working Session. The mission is to highlight and strengthen the figure of the Engineer that deals with VVT within the entire system lifecycle. Time:10:30; Instructor: Carlo Leardi.

2) Tier N SE Outreach Session. The focus of this session is to improve and streamline product development within the business of small and medium suppliers. Time 10:30; Instructor: Enrico Mancin.

3) Project Management and Systems Engineering Integration Working Session. The goal of this working session is to support engineers and project managers in the development of complex systems. Time 14:30; Instructors: Davide Fierro and Sergio Funtó.

4) System Thinking Outreach Session. The Outreach session has the purpose of exploring key principles and concepts to adopt so as to design new complex systems that combine multiple disciplines.

Time: 14:30; Instructor: David Ward.

  • On 6 December

1) Systems Engineering for Infrastructure and Building Systems Outreach Session. This Outreach session explores the increasing spread of Building Information Modeling. Time: 9:30; Instructor: Alfredo Garro.

2) Model-Based Systems Engineering Outreach Session. The goal of this Outreach session is to overcome the traditional techniques designing systems with the support of models. Time: 9:30; Instructor: Ivan Famoso.

More information available on the Italian Association on Systems Engineering website



Photo credit: F. Mantelli