ICT Event Console


The traditional playground for IT operations is changing, as modern infrastructures need to consider hybrid clouds and APIs, virtualization and containerization, mobile devices and BYOD policies, generating terabytes of data every day.

New technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and the Internet of Things are adding even more complexity and increasing user expectations. How to improve IT monitoring and services quality, while at the same time reducing costs and optimizing resource use?

OMNINECS ICT Event Collector (OMNINECS ICTec) provides accurate and real-time information for smarter IT Service Management.

With OMNINECS ICTEC you will achieve a high-level IT service availability and performance by reducing time-consuming tasks, allowing your IT operational teams to become more efficient and effective.

You’ll be provided with deeper insights into events and incidents to prevent potential issues before they even arise and fix problems before customers have a chance to detect them.

You’ll know exactly where the problem originated and how it should be handled, allowing much shorter recovery times, enhancing your team’s problem solving and streamlining your already demanding workload.

OMNINECS ICTec: the powerful and flexible IT Event and Correlation Management solution

OMNINECS ICTec collects, correlates, and enriches your IT services data, displaying key information and recommended actions to deal with any detected issue. This gives your IT staff the opportunity to prevent potential problems and tackle any disruption, minimizing the impact on your business.


Simple                        Easy to set up, install, configure and manage

Flexible                      High scalability and seamless integration with leading software platforms including Cop5, ServiceNow, Jira, Nagios, IBM Maximo, IBM Tivoli, most database solutions and mail servers

Performing                Core development in C/C++ to ensure maximum performance and minimal resource usage

Allows to solve any problem before it even has the chance to surface

  • Maximize IT services availability and business productivity
  • Improve user satisfaction
  • Keep your Network Operations Centers (NOC) up and running as simple and effortless as possible
  • Reduce IT management costs

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