13 June 2019
Discover OMNIAsset+

In data-driven environments, asset-intensive businesses need to improve the reliability, availability and lifecycle of their plants and physical equipment, enhance control of production and processes, improve efficiency and reduce environmental footprint. That’s why they increasingly invest in reliable asset management solutions, feeding global spending of about USD 3,153 million, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.6% by the next ten years.

At Omninecs, we have more than 15 years of experience in designing and implementing successful cross-industry projects, with different scope and technical complexity. We have supported many customers in extending their asset monitoring and maintenance capabilities, thus evolving towards a prescriptive approach to take the utmost value out of their facilities, equipment and resources.

Some companies are afraid that starting an Asset Performance Management journey might be too complex or too expensive for them. Not really. For any situation where running an on-premises EAM solution is costly and resource-demanding, we have developed OMNIAsset+, our new value for money EAM solution on the cloud that enables businesses to enhance control of operations, boost asset capacity and grow more efficient and reliable.

Leveraging our expertise on leading IBM Maximo platforms, OMNIAsset+ allows companies to squeeze their asset management budgets without compromising on performance and results. How is this possible? The cloud-based solution does not require licenses, up-front infrastructure investments or specific software maintenance. It is fully modular and scalable, effortless to be installed, deployed and managed.

OMNIAsset+ is useful in improving asset reliability and performance by smartly using available data. It allows managing key physical equipment from remote, with the opportunity to face the upcoming challenges of changing working environments and mitigate HSE risks. The integration in existing infrastructure is completely problem-free.

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