23 November 2021
Dimar transforms its processes to improve service through technology

Based on IBM Maximo Asset Management on IBM Cloud and developed by Omninecs Europe, in the first 4 months the solution has allowed Dimar to reduce by 90% the paper consumption, by 30% the coordination activities, by 40% operational backlog and by 50% the administrative back-office activities


Thanks to a new technology platform based on IBM Maximo Asset Management on IBM Cloud and developed by Omninecs Europe, Dimar transforms its processes to simplify the work of employees and the interaction with suppliers, thus ensuring an even better service to its customers.

As part of its digital transformation path Dimar, an important reality of the Italian GDO focused on the development of suppliers and with a continuous attention to environmental and social responsibility issues, has decided to improve the efficiency and safety of operational processes within its stores, to continue to ensure its customers the best shopping experience.

The daily management of its 129 supermarkets and hypermarkets is thus guaranteed by the integration, simplification, automation and standardization of data and processes concerning the various service providers with which the Group interacts on a daily basis; from preventive maintenance to fault management, from the planning and scheduling of interventions to the timely management of their progress, ensuring complete traceability of what happens, in terms of consistency of technical and economic data and compliance with current regulations in terms of safety.

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The flexibility of the adopted platform, implemented by Omninecs Europe IBM business partner, has allowed Dimar to adopt a standard approach, across the entire organization, adapting processes and operational practices to its specific needs, with agile and intuitive features.

The technicians in the field can access the information of their interest, reporting their work in a simple, fast and accurate way, through an intuitive app usable by tablet.

IBM Maximo Asset Management has also allowed to integrate the document management in use and to interoperate, when required, with the information system of the main suppliers, thus allowing a complete traceability of all services provided and a significant reduction of back-office activities and situations of dispute or complaint.


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The first phase of the project, which at the moment involves 16 stores, has allowed Dimar to reduce by 90% the consumption of paper, by 30% the average of the organization and coordination activities, by 40% the average of the operational backlog and by 50% the low value administrative back-office activities. These first results show how the transformation undertaken, declined in standardization, simplification and automation, thanks to the adoption of new technologies, ensures more effective planning, greater control over operations at points of sale and a timely and consistent visibility of the related technical and economic data, generating immediately tangible results of improvement.

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