16 May 2019
A new logo, a new website

In a digital world, innovation is not a matter of technology, but people. That’s the key belief of Omninecs professionals, whom every day commit to the success of our customers by partnering with them along their digital transformation journey.

Facing a challenging business environment, we are more than ever ‘The People Company’, always looking for enduring relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Also, we are proud to introduce some changes that will contribute to taking our vision forward.

Do have a look at our new logo: you will easily recognise some pre-existing elements, such as the font taking inspiration from Roman writing, or the two red ellipses, converging as customers and partners in our daily business. However, you won’t miss that we improved our company distinctive mark by adding a clear reference to the Internet of Things, the disruptive technology that enables advanced Asset Performance and Service Performance for organisations to become more agile and competitive and enhance their results in the medium-long run.

We also kicked off the new website, a comprehensive digital resource to get insights about our solutions, success stories and lots of contents about key technology and market trends.

However, these pieces of news are not mere make-up: we defined a new Group structure to boost our growth as a truly European IT player. We now have two operating companies, Omninecs Europe Ltd, dealing with IT services, sales and marketing activities, and Kriu Ltd, focusing on R&D and software development. This will help us accelerate business progress, and better serve our customers through a motivated team of 48 people located in Italy, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

At Omninecs, we aim to make your digital transformation journey easier. Moreover, we strongly believe that people make the difference.