Barbara Alberici


Carlo Marzicola describes her as “emotional when needed, tough when it is indispensable; her decision and determination combined with the right amount of sensibility are the solidity of the company “.

Roberto Raguseo sees her as “Beating heart and focal point of the group: empathetic, sensible, determined and tough when needed. Her greatest strength is knowing how to listen, leaving room for everyone to express their opinions, good or bad. With her you feel free to “dare”, thus creating that added value that distinguishes OMNINECS. “

Carlo Marzicola


Roberto Raguseo says that “Carlo is eclectic, optimistic and fond of adventure. Just as the juxtaposition of opposites generates dynamism and life, his constant struggle with the operating structure is a source of energy that puts OMNINECS in the lead. Carlo is to OMNINECS as the ‘Yang’ is to the ‘Yin.’ ”

Barbara Alberici describes Carlo as “a brilliant mind, he always wants to try and dare. The support pillar of a group that has been working together for a long time. Man of very few words, but those few give much.”

Roberto Raguseo


Barbara Alberici when she thinks about Roberto describes him as a certainty: “If you want to see the future, think about where we’re going and where the world of information technology is taking us … you can count on him and be sure that each step will be successfully achieved. “

Carlo Marzicola admires in him the finest visionary ability: “he sees things that others don’t but in his case is not a disorder, it’s a gift.”

Riccardo Crestani


Senior Lecturer in Finance at the University of Padua, Chartered Accountant, Statutory Auditor.

Roberto Raguseo describes him as the creator of the large numbers in OMNINECS: “When the cold rules of finance meet a mind steeped in innovation; this is where virtue is born. Riccardo transformed into reality the possibilities, keeping everyone with their feet on the ground while leaving their eyes free to look toward the sky. ”

Barbara Alberici sees him as an “ingenuity” button “numbers, numbers and the right heart to ensure that the numbers are the basis for winning opportunities. He stands alongside you breathing an atmosphere of seriousness and determination.”

Carlo Marzicola when he thinks about Riccardo immediately discerns his calm strength. “It is extraordinary how he maintains with serenity the pressure to arrive at the objectives without ever altering his state of tranquility.”

Franco Silvano Toni di Cigoli


Roberto Raguseo sees in Franco the ability to “dare without scruples and enter into previously unknown territories, his mantra. The Law as a source of innovation. Franco brings to the group a new point of view that allows OMNINECS to get out of the tough and entrenched local reality, in order to excel in the dimension of international legal systems.”

Barbara Alberici identifies in him “pure inspiration and genius brought to the service of the OMNINECS adventure. A true Custom Cut of legality. With him, a problem is nothing other than an opportunity.”

Carlo Marzicola tells us that Franco is “perseverance and dedication in pursuing the objectives; extraordinary his ability to make enjoyable even the heaviest commitments and to always concentrate on the objective. “


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