Our Mission

At OMNINECS, our MISSION is to be the most respected service company in the area of Enterprise Service Management and Enterprise Asset Management. To this purpose, we have established an outstanding and dedicated team and internal culture able to provide exceptional service for all our customers, creating a longterm win-win relationship.

Our Vision

At OMNINECS we are totally committed to our clients and have the vision of being their long term partner in all relevant Enterprise Service and Enterprise Asset Management topics.

Our Values

PASSION and DEDICATION: everything we do, we do with passion and dedication. Our aim is to fully satisfy our clients and to provide them with the best product and solution in the most efficient timing. In close cooperation with our clients, we as a team, are always seeking a win win solution.

INNOVATION and COMPENTENCE : We are continually on the look-out for the best and most innovative quality solutions for our clients, we never give up, we offer tailor-made solutions always striving for improvement.

CUSTOMER PROXIMITY and EMPATHY: We are a unique and highly motivated team, enjoying the challenge to deliver only the best for our clients. Our client is always our main focus. We have a personal approach, working one-to-one with our clients for longterm satisfaction and a lasting relationship.

Our Positioning Statement

For all customers seeking innovative, tailor made solutions in the area of Enterprise Service and Asset Management – with a particular focus on IBM solutions and Maximo – OMNINECS, with its unique team spirit, offers the best suited product and solutions on the most efficient time scale.

The team from Omninecs with its expertise, specialised IBM know-how, dedication, passion and personal touch has a constant aim of 110% client satisfaction

OMNINECS developed from the desires of eighteen professionals, motivated by mutual esteem, that matured during twenty years of working together with leading multinationals in the IT SERVICE and ASSET MANAGEMENT sectors. This group of managers and officials of the ITAM and ITSM world joined together in the enterprise OMNINECS, founded on September 23, 2013.

The financial results were positive in the first year (three months of work) and able to validate the response to these first investments of a new entrepreneurial reality, representing a springboard for growth in terms of human resources, professionally and economically. In 2014 the annual revenue made a leap forward with an increase of 316%. The financial administration was outsourced and team roles were formalized with the first recruitment of employees. Forty-four projects were completed for twenty clients. In 2015 the results continued to grow, the revenue increased by 33% over the previous year, new hires increased the team of specialists in IT SERVICE and ASSET MANAGEMENT by 48% bringing OMNINECS to the robust finish of fifty-nine projects completed for twenty-two satisfied clients.

In 2016 revenue grew by 79% over that of 2015. To achieve these results, the human resources, the minds at work in OMNINECS increased by 14%; professionals and support staff in challenging roles and working  at “full capacity” with which the Organization ground out these results. A new milestone was reached with eighty-two projects for twenty-six clients, once again a significant increase in projects realized for a universe of loyal clients.

The revenue prospects for 2017 indicate a further increase, aimed at +160%. Although these might seem to be ambitious results, the forecast is backed by the high degree of popularity demonstrated by the clients of OMNINECS’ services. To facilitate the achievement of this objective, we are formalizing business acquisitions with others in our industry, from which OMNINECS will also incorporate  human resources, bringing that team to an 87% increase over its current situation.

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