Bruno Portaluri introduces the new version of the MXLoader, compatible with MAS 8.


We are sorry if you missed Bruno Portaluri’s webinar on the new version of MxLoader compatible with the new MAS 8.0; here you can see the recording, in the link you can access Bruno’s blog where all the questions, made during the webinar, and their answers are listed.


For those wishing to leave their references below, they will be contacted and we will come to make a dedicated presentation of our solutions developed to complete the potential of Maximo:

  • OMNIMaxApp+, a simple and complete app to interact with IBM Maximo, anywhere and in any case even offline;
  • OMNICthePS+, a customization of the IBM Maximo calibration tool to support chemical-pharmaceutical companies;
  • OMNINECS MEAC, provides a simple approach to define a structured subdivision of the product (PBS) and to ensure a hierarchical organization of resources compliant with the defined PBS.


At the end of the presentation it will be a pleasure to leave you our laptop backpack with the OMNINECS IBM BP Gold logo