Maximo Asset Configuration Manager

maintain assets has never been easier

Working on Enterprise Asset Management, manage related processes and implement the data model is not so simple and never immediate because it depend not only on the processes themselves, but also on the organization, the existing infrastructure, peoples and their behavior; this means a relevant impact on the Configuration Management activity.

The IBM Maximo software does not include such functionality in the base configuration, so, IBM proposal is an add on software, the Maximo Asset Configuration Manager, a really complex and sophisticated software.

Managing configurations means ensuring that, in a complex system, there is everything you need and everything is in order

Thanks to an extremely flexible development team and the background knowledge of EAM in general and Maximo in particular, OMNINECS, in its software development laboratory and using an approach guided by System Engineering standards, has created a set of libraries for Maximo called Maximo Easy Asset Configuration (MEAC)


MEAC provide a simple approach to define a structured product subdivision (PBS) and to guaranty an hierarchical asset organization conform to defined PBS.

MEAC include a set of functionality CM to address essential needs in the area:

  • Capability to define physical/logical structure of asset configuration
  • Ensure consistency of asset structure with a specific configuration tree (item consistency)
  • Retain and reconstruct asset configuration hierarchy upon asset move
  • Roll-down of asset/location meter readings
  • Track relevant changes to configuration
  • Display asset configuration in a specific time in the past

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