Business Continuity is vital in case of events or business interruptions to keep organizational stability, reputation, and in some cases, ensure the very survival of the business.
Even small events can get out of control very quickly, and if not treated properly, can jeopardize day-to-day business operations.
Emergency Response Director guides the organization in a systematic and well-organized response manner to minimize the impact of business disruptions and improve organizational resilience by early detecting critical events and orchestrating the emergency response plan.
Key benefits
  • Keep situational awareness and enhance emergency preparedness
  • Keep a more streamlined and effective communication among key personnel and stakeholders
  • Keep key people focused on more critical activities to the business
  • Gain control over the entire crisis lifecycle


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The Emergency Response Director is a crisis management and mass notification platform that supports Crisis and Business Continuity teams in emergency recognition and response and helps them plan how to successfully manage disasters and critical events that can jeopardize day-to-day business operations.

The system allows you to have a comprehensive and coherent overview, implement corporate processes and procedures and act quickly during a crisis event to ensure business continuity.

ERD can be easily integrated with other existing platforms and allows Crisis and Business Continuity operators to:

  • collect, aggregate and provide ENRICHED information¬†from authorities and relevant sources (institutional bodies, news agencies or any authoritative source pertinent to your business)
  • filter¬†fake crises
  • geo-localize¬†potential crises and assets
  • send massive notifications¬†to crisis stakeholders
  • track crisis response and tasks execution
  • generate reports