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OmniNecs operates as a Systems Integrator to optimize the use of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). The company analyzes, implements and provides an improved software architecture to meet the needs of the clients/partners/supported organizations.

To complete our Marketing Team in Rome, we are looking for a fulltime


Content Manager:

He/she should have the following responsibilities:

  • Supervision of all internal processes around content production and publication (on website, brochures, info material, mailings, presentations, news etc.)
  • Coordination of content and timelines for website, newsletter and emailing (collecting topics from team and coordination with external PR agency/journalists)
  • Coordination content and set up of twitter and facebook
  • Responsibility for SEO activities
  • Coordination with SEM and PR agency
  • Regular Social listening activities
  • Coordination and controlling of all Profiles linkedin (content, pictures, links to website, news etc.),

Full time dependent, Rome

Skills required:

  • Journalistic background (of big advantage)
  • Know how standard office programs
  • Know how wordpress
  • Know how mailing programs
  • General know how twitter, facebook, pinterest etc.
  • Strong Organizational skills and process oriented
  • Communicative
  • First 1-2 years working experience of advantage
  • Good English language skills written and in communication

Software developers

Our main development center is the OMNINECS TREVI ACADEMY located in Trevi (PG), ITALY. If you are smart, ambitious, and have the appetite to learn new stuff and do what it takes, we have an opening for you. What we need is self-motivated and self-driven software developers. If you already known the technologies Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, C, C#, C++, SQL, will be appreciated experience on Maximo, Jira, ServiceNow. But we don’t expect you to, we take pride in our ability to train people. What we need from you is passion and a drive to excel.

Office Locations


Via Crescenzio 63, 00193 – Rome Italy

Phone: +39 06 688 07 217


Taylor’s Ln, Ushers, Dublin 8, Ireland



3rd Floor, East Unit, 12 Bridewell Place London EC4V 6AP – United Kingdom


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