09 Jun

Value of JIRA Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

OMNINECS plays a crucial role in the ordinary and extraordinary operational running of the Atlassian JIRA platform and other solutions integrated with it that are of fundamental help in the ENTERPRISE SERVICE MANAGEMENT (ESM) processes of our client, that works in the field of gaming and betting.

OMNINECS manages the following software:

  • Atlassian Jira: a system for tracking and project management of development processes, releases, evolution, and end-of-life of software (SW), for trouble ticketing, and for service requests
  • Atlassian Confluence: a system of collaboration, management of documents and information, of portfolio software and of the knowledge base
  • Subversion: a platform for the development, storage and versioning of software code.

The solution architecture managed by OMNINECS consists of:

  • two instances of JIRA: a dedicated instance at the front end for the partners and the customers of our client and a second instance dedicated to the corporate process of management of incidents, problems and changes, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), internal service requests and the tracking of the entire life cycle of products created, with the help of agile methodology in project management
  • two instances of Confluence: one instance is dedicated to managing the software products on the shelf, while the other instance is used as a WiKi, a Knowledge Base for trouble ticketing and the service desk, the management of product documentation and of business processes
  • an instance of Subversion integrated with Jira so that each save, edit and delete from Subversion is traced on Jira tickets.

All platforms are highly integrated with each other. You can correlate tickets between the two JIRA platforms, clone a ticket from one JIRA instance to another, insert into a ticket references to Confluence content, and execute in Confluence reports like a Jira ticket status report.

OMNINECS guarantees both the ordinary and extraordinary management of the systems, in a multicultural of worldwide breadth, with users in China, India, and all European countries, from Serbia to the United Kingdom, and from Ukraine to Spain, and in North America, the United States and Canada, both on the East and West Coasts.

The ordinary management consists of implementing, modifying and customizing the ticket management processes, creating new document space, analyzing and resolving the normal day-to-day problems.

Among the extraordinary management tasks done by OMNINECS are found subsequent integrations and consolidations of several JIRA and Confluence instances which were provided to the client, ensuring a single point of contact and a huge cost savings in Operating Expenses. The work of OMNINECS consisted of migrating users (importing new users, groups and integrations with user directories), roles, data (tickets, notes, attachments), integrations (with custom or standard connectors) with minimum disruption to the normal operations.

Other extraordinary and evolutionary maintenance activities see OMNINECS acting at the level of SYSTEM INTEGRATOR, to manage and maintain connections to and from corporate third parties tools such as Alfresco, Perforce, Stash, ORSYP, SMS gateways and, above all, achieve integration with the solution OMNINECS EVT, to allow operators to create and track JIRA tickets from event alerts. OMNINECS is currently involved as a SYSTEM INTEGRATOR in the realization of further consolidation, this time cross-platform, to migrate some processes of incident management and the related data from a SAAS SalesForce platform to JIRA. In the near future OMNINECS will carry out a substantial review of the systems architecture of JIRA, moving to a high reliability configuration and at the same time creating a second site for disaster recovery.

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