Business Challenge

The client operates in the management of real estate properties, coordinating the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. Among the many maintenance tasks they have to regularly perform, the management of the presence of asbestos has brought to light the following needs:

  • Implement processes with which to respond to the legal codes and health regulations related to the presence of asbestos in a building;
  • Implement a register for activity and documentation collected for the management of these processes;
  • Implement a notification procedure to coordinate and monitor activities of building maintenance in relation to the presence of asbestos;
  • Implement the migration of historical data and related documentation into the new management environment.


To implement the solution using the client’s existing Maximo infrastructure, integrating it with the management process. An architecture was proposed that takes advantage of the potential of control and workflow management offered by Maximo.

The implementation provided for:

  • The use of workflow;
  • The creation of an MBO (Maximo Business Object) that is specific to the Material Containing Asbestos (Materiale Contente Amianto (MCA)) report;
  •  The integration of the application for management of work orders (Ordini di Lavoro (Odl)) with the MCA and the documentation relative to this process;
  • The migration of history from the legacy system to Maximo.

Using workflow

Each building must be kept under control: from the first inspections which detected the presence of asbestos to the reclamation operations. Each task requires involvement and coordination among property owners, operators conducting the maintenance, and the authorities responsible for verification. Every workflow is designed to integrate the roles and synchronize the tasks, so as to keep under control the status of the presence of asbestos in each property.

Creation of MBO (Maximo Business Object) that is specific to the management of asbestos-containing materials (MCA)

All components of the building that may contain asbestos such as pipes, joints, and panels, are the main objects of management processes. Therefore an MBO was implemented to collect all relevant information on the maintenance of the MCA: from their physical attributes to photographs.

Integration of Odl (work orders) management application with the MCA and the documentation related to the process

The Maximo Odl was used as the register of all the activities of the asbestos management process for a given property. In this way it was possible to analyze, from a single interface, the status of the property through the documentation collected, the email notifications sent, the history of the activities performed and the status of the relative MCA.

The migration of the history from the legacy system to Maximo

The information and documentation related to the activities that were performed on each property are critical components for proper handling of the maintenance and the relations with institutions responsible for verification. Ad hoc procedures were implemented to adapt the format of the original source data to that of the Maximo framework.



The implementation was performed on Maximo Asset Management utilizing principally the following functionalities and the MBO of Maximo:

Workflow Workorder
Escalation Locations
Integration Framework Doclinks
Automation Script PM
Communication Templates


Benefits achieved

The benefits achieved were:

  • A better control of the activities tied to the management of the presence of asbestos at the properties.
  • An easily consulted interface for users, capable of providing all the information relative to the management of asbestos for a specific property.

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