Our offer

  • A group of experienced consultants to deliver professional training
  • Courses tailored to your needs selecting relevant modules from our catalog
  • Wonderful locations to learn and enjoy
  • Comfortable classrooms in exclusive locations
  • Hassle-free organization that includes classroom, hotel, breakfast and lunch (you just need to book flights)
  • Language – Italian or English

Lodging and food

  • Lodging is included in the offering
  • Breakfast is included (at the hotel)
  • Light lunch is included (in the classroom or close to it)
  • Dinner is not included to allow exploring Italian food in a set of suggested restaurants

Training Locations

  • Our offices in the center of Rome just behind Castel Sant’Angelo for short workshops and to network with our team (suitable for small classrooms)
  • Conference room in a Business Center in the center of Rome
  • Our Trevi Academy for a relaxing environment

IBM® Maximo® Training Modules

Group Level Module Duration Description
Maximo user Beginner Getting Started 1,5 Overview of Maximo modules and applications, UI navigation, queries, start centers. This module will also include a demonstration of an end to end maintenance scenario.
Maximo user Intermediate Reporting (QBR) 1 This module provides details on how to effectively use the Ad Hoc reporting capability known as Query Based Reporting (QBR). Users will learn how to filter data using advanced techniques and develop their own custom reports in Maximo.
Maximo user Intermediate Asset Management 1,5 How to create and manage an asset registry in Maximo. Detailed overview of the involved applications: Assets, Locations, Classifications and Specifications. Best practices for the correct use of asset classifications and specifications.
Maximo user Intermediate Work Management 2 This module covers all the key applications and functions specific to work order management including: setup, processing, and management of work management records and supporting maintenance activities. To provide a context for learning IBM Maximo procedures and processes, scenarios are provided in which students are asked to assume changing roles while carrying out a wide variety of tasks related to the processing and managing of work through the work order life cycle: generating, planning, scheduling, assigning, dispatching, and completing.
Maximo user Intermediate Scheduler 2 Use of Maximo Scheduler add-on.
Maximo user Intermediate Inventory Management 2 Items, Storerooms, Inventory, Issues and Transfer, Inventory Usage, Condition Codes, Tools and Stocked tools and more.
Maximo user Intermediate Contracts 1,5
Maximo user Intermediate Purchasing and Financials 2
ICD user Intermediate Incident, problem, change management (ICD) 3
ICD user Intermediate Configuration Management (ICD) 2
Maximo admin Beginner System Administration 4 Maximo System Architecture (components, system files, logging, application configuration, org/site structure).
Basic Maximo configuration and customizations using system tools: Database Configuration application, creating and modifying tables/fields, domains and lookups, screen configuration using Application Designer, escalations, cron tasks, communication templates, work order automatic generation.
Maximo admin Intermediate Workflow 3 This module provides a solid foundation that enable you to start developing your own workflow processes. Through lab exercises you will gain hands-on experience using real life examples.
Maximo admin Intermediate Migration Manager 2
Maximo dev Advanced BIRT Report Development 2 The course will focus on the creation of reports using the Eclipse report development tool. Advanced reporting techniques will be described including joins, grouping, charts and sections.
Maximo dev Advanced Automation Scripts 2 This course describes how to create such scripts in Maximo. Individuals will come away from this course with the tools required to use this rich new feature to automate tasks and activities.
Maximo dev Advanced Java Development 5
Maximo dev Intermediate Integration Framework 4 This module will provide you with a solid understanding of IBM Maximo’s Integration Framework capabilities including: MIF architecture and concepts, JMS queues, inbound/outbound processing, error reprocessing, importing/exporting data using CSV and XML files, use of MxLoader, web services, OSLC, and more.
Maximo user Intermediate Anywhere Overview 3 Overview of Maximo Anywhere mobile solution, architecture and features. Presentation and demo of all the mobile apps.
Maximo dev Advanced Anywhere Development 5


This association works for highly specialized professional preparation and acts as an experimental propellant, a place for performing  research in EAM and ESM to keep always lit the flame of innovation marked OMNINECS

What is

This association works for highly specialized professional,  not only supporting knowledge development, but also acting as interface with public and private institutions and brand reputation tool

The Idea Behind

In order to nurture the growth of the Omninecs Group, the Management Committee decided to start a non-profit association, the “Omninecs Trevi Academy”


It is the Omninecs institution committed to research activities and world-class teaching

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