The System Integrator

OMNINECS operates as a Systems Integrator to optimize the use of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

The company analyzes, implements and provides an improved software architecture to meet the needs of the clients/partners/supported organizations. This objective must be met by balancing the required functionalities with the quality of each individual performance and the corresponding cost.

Every day our specialists, the OMNINECS Software Engineer and Project Manager, develop and update their own skills to become increasingly flexible, fast and capable in the work phases in which:

They interpret client needs in the analysis and interview phase to identify the gap existing between the desired (“TO-BE”) and the current (“AS-IS”) situation;

  1. They design the ESM and/or EAM architecture and the processes, such as ITIL, able to fill the gap identified;
  2. On the basis of performance and cost requirements, they recommend how to choose the best “mix” of Enterprise level software offered on the Business market or as Open Source;
  3. They integrate and customize the “mix” of software chosen by developing appropriate connectors and using the APIs (Application Programming Interface) available;
  4. They develop dedicated ad hoc components, if there are none suitable and available on the market;
  5. They support the client in every phase of the work and provide training tailored to the specific needs of the personnel.

As a base the Omninecs work method provides:

First — a greater client involvement in the development process;

Second – frequency of incremental and iterative software releases.

Synthetically, OMNINECS works by integrating the “Waterfall” project management methodology with the principles of the “AGILE Manifesto“. This method is used to generate an “outcome” tuned to the characteristics of the client, to achieve the maximum client satisfaction with a minimum of risk, and to respond effectively to the client’s business needs.

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