The adventure of the group, which some call OMNINECS initial voyage as suppliers and then with OMNINECS as structured resources, started from a call to action by a manager. Barbara Alberici invited a  select group of people to join her in this new business reality. They were people with whom she had worked for years creating dozens of IT projects for the enterprise management of assets and services. Over the course of a few months the “echo” of what OMNINECS was doing led to arrival of personalities from the world of ITAM, ITSM, ESM and EAM and a team of well recommended and prepared professionals was created who were perfectly synchronized with each other: a unique reality in Italy.

To be one step ahead of the competition, and gifted with human resources with constantly updated skills, OMNINECS has continually invested considerable resources in the professional development of its employees. Barbara Alberici and Carlo Marzicola, covering the roles of senior management, have arrived at the decision to take on internationalization. To succeed in the enterprise they are also prepared with postgraduate masters degrees and Project Management Professional (PMP®) certifications, equipping themselves with a “business observation telescope” that allows them to start the evolution from an individual company to a group of companies.

The entry into the management committee of Professor Riccardo Crestani (expert in corporate finance), of Professor Franco Silvano Toni di Cigoli (expert in international commercial law), and the discussion with university teachers and consultants in marketing and brand management, have provided additional motivation for the launch of an OMNINECS reality in the international market.

It has shaped the Group OMNINECS consisting of OMNINECS Holding (UK), OMNINECS KRIU (Ireland), OMNINECS Europe (UK), OMNINECS Italy and a new academic reality without the economic goals of a company, but that functions to meet the needs of Research & Development of the group. In December 2016 OMNINECS initiated the establishment of a center focused on training, R & D in the world of Enterprise Asset Management and of Enterprise Service Management: the OMNINECS TREVI ACADEMY. This association works for highly specialized professional preparation and acts as an experimental propellant, a place for performing  research in EAM and ESM to keep always lit the flame of innovation marked OMNINECS.

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