28 Apr

How to Relate With Users and Have a High Quality Help Desk

From the first call the main objective of the Help Desk is to satisfy with punctuality and professionalism the users request to resolve a problem.

The tools that support the Help Desk, in addition to software platforms, Internet browsers and operating systems, are the history available from the ticket opening systems and the experience accumulated over time. This being the case, in three years of belonging to a computer Help Desk at the first level, I was able to learn to manage and understand how to relate to a user.

The relationship with the user should always be polite and friendly. The user, at the time of contact (by phone, via email, via web) is in trouble, and asks for an immediate feedback of professionalism and resolution. Sometimes, unfortunately, the request for administrative assistance reflects administrative themes, application themes or problems with links to servers that don’t allow the natural execution of applications.

At this point the Help Desk operator cannot do more than gather as much information as possible, isolate the errors, and precise routes to get to the problem, that will make it easier for the solution to pass to the second level.

The Help desk must base itself and concentrate itself on the customer’s own perspective of IT Service Management (ITSM). ITSM should give support to the Help Desk operators through technologies that always keep pace with the times but not forgetting the spirit of the service, the qualilty of relations with the cliente.

As part of the role of the company which is responsible for the staff working in a Help Desk team, Omninecs suggests a constant concern with the flow of work by interfacing with staff through periodic interviews. A constant presence of the company ensures a greater involvement of personnel which will put more focus on customer satisfaction.

In addition, the company responsible can guarantee a prompt support for concerns and interventions. This enhances the professionalism of the team and guides them to a level of competnecy nearer to that of a second level support team component. Obviously a significant element for the Help Desk staff, as well as for personnel engaged in any other field, is a constant improvement in the level of skills through appropriately scheduled training.

Even though this is not a core activity of the company’s business, Omninecs is proud to continue to have a group dedicated to first level Help Desk activities that is highly qualified and above all motivated, able to relate positively with clients thanks to a professional maturity and to my desire to grow and learn. This thanks also to the fact that people know they can count on the support of Omninecs and at the same time enjoy the trust of their own company that continually demonstrates a belief and investment in a team that keeps them always a step ahead of the others.

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