30 May

OMNINECS Roundtable: The EAM approach for the Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 has unveiled a new vision of manufacturing, where the Internet of Things and digital technologies drive products and processes innovation, evolving businesses and opening lots of new growth opportunities.

Industrial companies are upgrading their infrastructures to make real-time use of Big Data from fully-instrumented plants in order to improve productivity, adjust supply chains, and optimize consumption of key resources such as energy, water and raw materials. New technologies enable a smarter management of key assets, where predictive and prescriptive maintenance contribute to minimizing operations failures and related business impact.

After the successful EAM webinar we held in March, we’re pleased to host a roundtable to discuss about the latest Industry 4.0 trends, including IoT and Predictive Maintenance, Visual Inspection and Acoustic Insights, Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Digital Twins.

Bruno Portaluri, CTO and EAM Practice Leader, and Sebastiano Zorzi, Senior Analyst EAM Europe at OMNINECS, will discuss how to improve the outcomes of EAM solutions, introducing IBM® Maximo® and IBM Watson IoT™ leading platforms as the ideal foundation of any Industry 4.0 project.

If you have middle and senior roles in plant management, production or maintenance management, and IT, join us in Milan on June 13th 2018, or in Rome on June 15th 2018: register today to secure your seat!

Attendance is free, registration is required.




The roundtable will be held in Italian.

The event is organised in cooperation with IBM.

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