10 Feb

OMNINECS: the people company

Omninecs is a young company which operates in the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) sectors as System Integrator. Although young as a brand the heart of the company consists of a group of people who have worked together for over 25 years. Starting at the research and development lab of IBM, the Tivoli Lab in Rome, they joined together to form a service company, which separated into various groups, one of which founded Omninecs.

For historical reasons Omninecs has always been an IBM partner and works mainly with the IBM suite of IT Service Management (ITSM) products, IBM (Tivoli / Netcool), and has specialized in the IBM EAM product, Maximo. In this context Omninecs has grown mainly working on leads generated by IBM. Thanks to the professionalism and competence of its personnel, the company has developped a loyal client base with which it has establish long-term win-win relationships.

In an increasingly difficult market but with the ambition to grow Omninecs has realized that it was imperative to take an important step, to emancipate themselves from the mother IBM. On one hand it began to work with varied software solutions with open source, in particular, becoming always more the “supporting company” of IT to its own clients who are free of any brand conditioning. In this way it consistently strengthened the relations with its own clients. On the other Omninecs has had to face the harsh realities of the market, that we swim in a red ocean, full of sharks where to be able to get a lead, one has to do a lot of work that gives us visibility in respect to the competition.


OMNINECS and Marketing
It was a severe shock for Omninecs, gifted with only solid technical competency, to understand that the task was marketing and selling. The first step was to receive an education with masters of ad-hoc (task specific projects) and surround ourselves with consultants specialized in this field.

The overall Company and Marketing strategy can be summarized into two main points:

  • Being more visible outside the company
  • Having the right partnerships to make contacts with new and existing customers

On the first point we focused our marketing project. Working with a consultant specialized in strategic marketing we began to understand our OMNINECS “personality”. We were all aligned that we are a company who has always the people and clients at the heart.

Who we are

and how the clients see us. Based on this we developed our OMNINECS Mission, Vision and Value statement, which I summarize with one simple sentence: “By our clients, we are considered partners more than suppliers.”

 Segmenting the OMNINECS clients
At this point we did a market analysis followed by a segmentation. We are fully committed to understand in depth how competitors, even if they have a competence level objectively inferior to ours, were able to have considerable market success. We studied all their communication channels and identified the main strong points that obviously are different from ours, making a geographical market segmentation, from country to country.

This study brought us to where we could define an operational approach plan.

OMNINECS defined OWNED MEDIA activities as highest priority short term
The operational plan that has materialized with a study of the brand Omninecs and a redefinition of the logo. Additionally we created a new web site, that identifies the uniqueness and expertise of OMNINECS more precisely and that communicates our message to visitors in a clearer way. We started for example several activities on social networks. IN our daily work we will demonstrate with all of our passion and dedication, to be in line with our identity and to be always ready to listen to feedback from our clients.

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