10 Mar


Safety at work

Every country is subject to specific safety regulations that in all cases are drawn from best practices and in which can be identified a set of common requirements.We have seen as a typical rule, the provision of timely information concerning safety when one works with specific machinery subject to risks. There are numerous other requirements to meet such as verification of staff skills, and following the rules for upgrades.

Maximo resource management provides a perfect tool to monitor and keep up-to-date the safety related personnel information.

In the example below Hank Adams is responsible for the team that takes care of maintenance of a public area in an airport. His office has direct access to the walkways and because of this he was chosen to conduct the “first aid” courses and obtain a CPR certificate.

To help accomplish this IBM Maximo Asset Manager is proposed as a flexible and customizable tool.

Through the appropriate qualifications application I can keep tabs on all certifications and their expiration dates, and renew them and schedule courses for updating staff.

In the Labor section the original certificates can be attached. Based on specific requests for traceability and usability Omninecs, through a small customization of the product, enabled associating the attachments to the individual row.

If I want to structure the process of checking and updating the certifications and the training courses it is possible to define them using the standard Job Plan tool that will, in turn, be invoked by work orders or preventive maintenance. In this way I can define in advance the tasks necessary for the provision of courses, assign tasks to those responsible in the Organization, and to the people who have to be present and take the course.


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