11 Apr

Meeting KRIU at Codemotion Rome 2018

Part of Omninecs Group, KRIU stems from over 20 years of experience in ITSM technologies and offers easy-to-use, integration-ready and value for money solutions that make IT operations efficient and effective, with proven benefits for customers.

We are proud to showcase the very best of KRIU at Codemotion Rome 2018, the big developers event taking place on April 13th and 14th at Università Roma Tre – Department of Engineering, where coding and software talents get together to gather inspiration and energy, and share knowledge about latest industry trends.

Codemotion Rome gives the opportunity to discover KRIU for IT Operations (KRIU 4ITO), the powerful and flexible IT Event and Correlation Management solution. It’s a performing and highly scalable solution to collect, correlate, and enrich IT services data, displaying key information and recommended actions to deal with any detected issue. KRIU 4ITO allows helpdesks and IT staff to prevent potential problems and failures, minimizing impact on business processes.

If you are interested in a deep dive into KRIU 4ITO features, don’t miss KRIU CodeLab on April 13th: it will be a unique opportunity to learn more about smart IT monitoring, reviewing relevant IT Operations case studies and engaging in a hands-on experience to improve and customize your IT Service Management processes. KRIU CodeLab will be running from 11am to 3pm, you are warmly recommended to book a 30-minutes session.

Moreover, at Codemotion Rome KRIU will discuss how the traditional playground for ICT event management is changing, and how hybrid clouds and APIs, virtualization and containerization, mobile and BYOD are adding complexity to present and future infrastructure. Big Data and machine learning principles are nowadays needed to drive the digital transformation of any business, so we are more and more dealing with AIOPs (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) platforms, which are software systems combining Big Data and machine learning to enhance and partially replace IT operations processes and tasks, including availability and performance monitoring, event correlation and analysis, IT service management and automation.

Roberto Raguseo, Product Manager at KRIU, will be on stage on April 13th at 2pm to present KRIU vision about this: “From ICT Event management to Big Data management” will be held in Room N13, the speech will be given in English.

For more information about Codemotion Rome, please visit the event website or get in touch with KRIU team.

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