Business Challenge

Managing large projects, such as renovations or rebranding, in addition to the management of approval flows and material assets, requires a series of administrative, bureaucratic and legal activities.

The principal need is to have a single point of management and supervision, in order to maintain direct control over the progress of work and, at the same time, provide all the players a space for managing related activities and the components of legal importance, such as the administrative activities necessary for the management of a building site.

The challenge:

  •  Insert in the work order a space for handling the associated administrative duties
  • Leave unaltered the flow and use of the work orders for operational activities.
  • Allow management of a range of variables from qualified users without resorting to IT support.


Qualified users have access to the classifications and to a new Maximo Business Object (MBO) that allows associating the correct fulfillment to the classifications.

The complex of activities and the requirements to be fulfilled is associated with work plans through classification. Here the project manager may restrict or broaden further the selection that will then appear in the work order(s).

In parallel with the normal course of the work flow, automatic assignments will be triggered for the competent staff to fulfill the tasks.  They will view only the specific tasks of their competence and complete them.

The new business object allows the creation of definitions that correspond to an administrative action, such as “deliver building permit request” or “building plans”. Over time some definitions may be subject to change; then the user is given the opportunity to make obsolete the old definitions without deleting them and thus maintain unaltered previous work orders.

Business advantage

  • Reduction of software required for the completion of requirements (it happens all on Maximo);
  • The information related to fulfillment, particularly information with legal value, is tracked in the system that assigns it to and notifies the responsible parties;
  • Automation of assignments;
  • Reduction of response time;
  • Elimination of “on call” activities;
  • Speeding up of research, verification and reporting functions.

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