29 Aug

Looking at emerging technology trends

In a dynamic and fast changing scenario, it’s not easy to be early movers and seize the opportunities coming from emerging technologies and digital trends. Together with our customers and partners, we constantly scan the market to detect and pilot new technologies which could turn into impactful business opportunities and strategic transformations.

Not all our organisations have a marked risk-taking attitude, so pioneer a certain technology might not make sense in any possible case. What’s really important is to recognise and understand what’s going on, and ride on the most promising and business-wise trends. Among the must-watch technologies that Gartner highlighted lately, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the so-called Digitalized Ecosystems stand out as particularly interesting for most of our stakeholders.

AI is expected to be almost everywhere by the next 10 years. Becoming more and more available for business and consumer applications, it will enable self-driving vehicles and virtual assistants, but also next-generation Industry 4.0, Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions, smarter robots and anthropomorphic machines. As some research predict AI to unleash innovation for about 23 trillion dollars by 2025, this technology is accelerating the development of new Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions to maximize efficiency, productivity and cost control in asset-intensive organisations.

The other shift to be closely monitored is the rise of ecosystem platforms, which represent a valid bridge between humans and technology: think of the Internet of Things (IoT), but also technologies such as the blockchain or the digital twin. They all enable more effective ways to manage actual processes, and incrementally design new applications, services, and even business models. If the IoT has just crossed its peak and started to generate measurable results in different industries, the blockchain or digital twin might reach their maturity in the next 5 or 10 years, so it’s worth taking a close look over them and consider their potential value for our businesses.

Without bringing up a crystal ball, it’s quite clear that AI and ecosystem platforms are changing the game for our customers – and for Omninecs too. They will be playing an increasingly critical role in supporting our companies to steer mission-critical processes, be innovative and continue to grow in the medium-long run.

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