Business Challenge
ESM Enterprise Service Management

The client expressed the following needs:

  • Implement a Service Desk that functions as a central point of coordination of all the players impacted by the ESM strategy: including internal and external users, external suppliers, business service managers and managers of the IT infrastructure;
  • Implement an IT service catalog and Enterprise Service management workflows;
  • Implement in the Service Desk the ITIL processes of Incident and Change Management;
  • Implement an IT asset database (CMDB) integrated with the ITIL processes described in the previous bullet point;
  • An IT Service Management architecture that maximizes the benefit-cost ratio.


To achieve the goal of minimizing costs and ensuring the level of service required, OMNINECS proposed and implemented a “mixed” solution based on Open Source software and the OMNINECS proprietary solution “KRIU for IT Operations”. In detail:

  • The platform Nagios XI: is the applications software and database monitoring tool. It is one of the leading Open Source software tools in its category;
  • The platform OTRS: ITIL Service Desk, an Open Source leader in its category.
  • The platform KRIU for IT Operations: an OMNINECS proprietary platform of “IT Event Correlation & Analysis”, the hub of all the IT Service Management architecture.

The solution has provided:

  • The creation of support groups for technological and application silos on OTRS. The estimated and actual level of work will be laid out for each support effort in order to better manage the client invoicing and to ensure compliance with the level of service agreed to with them;
  • The installation and configuration of Nagios XI. The implementation, in order to maximize the performance requirements and minimize the impact on the target server, favored an “agentless” solution, essentially a monitoring that does not require the installation of any additional software (Agent) and that uses the “native” protocols of ssh and wmi and snmp to collect the desired metrics. Only in special cases was an Agent solution used; those where technological limitations made it necessary.
  • Configuring KRIU for IT Operations in order to:
    • Collect and filter events from Nagios, from the software monitoring the Solarwinds network, from SAP applications, from the VMWare infrastructure and from all the hardware sources;
    • Correlate these events for a better and swift understanding of disruptions;
    • Enrich the events with information related to the asset affected, taken from the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), such as type of asset and details of ownership;
    • Automatically open incidents on the OTRS Service Desk, directing them to the appropriate competency group, with the proper severity and ancillary information that enables the support team to work to the best of its ability;

IT Service Management Architecture

Benefits achieved

The benefits achieved from using this solution were:

  • Software licensing costs reduced to one tenth of the previous solution: lowered to zero the licensing costs for the monitoring system and the Service Desk. Reduction of 75% to the cost of maintenance of the “IT Event Correlation & Analysis” software;
  • Reduced “Vendor lock-in”;
  • Reduced number of serious systems incidents thanks to aggregation and filtering:
  • Improved staff utilization through the adoption of ITIL processes;
  • Improved alignment of the activities of the IT department with the business of the company
  • Optimized satisfaction of users and clients;

Thanks to this Enterprise Service Management architecture, the “payback period” was achieved within one year. The new license fees, along with the professional services needed to migrate from the old to the new solution, were less than the pervious total cost of annual maintenance.

To these benefits the client can also add significant savings from reduced disruptions, and the advantages brought by an optimized utilization of the work of external suppliers.

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