12 May

The Emotional Impact of the Process of Internationalization of an Italian Company

‘Internationalization ‘, an interesting word and at the same time fascinating for the intrinsic value it has. These days there are many companies that aim at a process of internationalization but everyone gives this process his or her own meaning and approaches the task in a different way. Despite being so widespread, this desire for internationalization, not all of us are aware of how onerous yet fascination the journey can be. Probably the first question we should be asking ourselves is what it means for us to internationalize and above all, if what we have in mind is what the market actually seeks and values at this time.

In starting this adventure one must be deeply convinced, as well as aware, that for how much the satisfactions can be many and unpredictable; correspondingly the obstacles that you can run into are many and surprising if you don’t arrive well prepared and organized. Difficulties can be among the most varied and unexpected, for which often, if managed well, they can become grounds for personal as well as commercial growth.

If we encounter practical problems, like simply understanding how and where to rent offices, start communicating with our alter ego in such a way that it can be understood rather than misunderstood, and not last but not least manage the prejudices of those abroad, who still feel that for an Italian, internationalize can only mean tax evasion.

Starting our internationalization, one of the first obstacles we had to deal with, in a very determined manner, to be certain that what started to take shape had the desired form; was to make it clear to our European cousins that we were serious and convinced about wanting to bring our “Italianness” to foreign countries. For how true it is that we often read about ours as the country of “smart operators”; it was just as true that showing our real and serious intentions, our professionalism, our capacity for work was so very much recognized that obstacles previously encountered seemed to dissolve one after another. Yes, because Italian style, if well managed, becomes a guarantee of seriousness, inspiration, imagination and the highest professionalism as well as flexibility. A marriage of traits, as described here, that is a guarantee of success.

Advice you can give and hear a lot. Each of us could provide the magic potion that solves all problems but what really counts, and that experience in the field has truly taught us, is that the only real way of dealing with this fascinating process is to have a team, in every sense of the sports team meaning of the word, very well prepared professionals who know how to guide you with good judgement in the steps you have to do day by day. You have to ensure that those who have worked with you for a long time are married to the cause of the organization with the same enthusiasm as you have, that they can see how the future might be different, and are enthusiastic about living in other markets.

The only real issue is that you have to take an important mental step. Your domestic market must become Europe without losing sight of the fact that your being Italian carries with it considerable added value, that your being Italian makes a difference in a world where that difference is the real added value that the market is searching for.

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