EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) is an operational discipline that optimizes the business benefits of Capital Expenditures (Capex) and Operating Expense (Opex) through effective and efficient management of the asset lifecycle. In an enterprise context, the word asset is more than an accounting based distinction, and can refer to a broad range of objects and subjects that can be of economic value to the company, a desk, an installation or even a human resource.

Enterprise Asset Management manages the asset life cycle, and it does so by defining and controlling the processes associated with the assets, with the objective of maximizing their productivity for the company’s business and minimizing the costs of operations and the provision of consumables.

In the operational management of assets, the focus of Enterprise Asset Management is the control of each asset’s productivity and of “warehousing” management (the term “warehousing” refers, broadly, to storage for assets which are temporarily not operational). This includes collateral activities such as

  • asset maintenance for preventive or corrective intervention;
  • planning and control of investments which are calibrated based on the potential yield of the assets;
  • verification that all activities related to an asset are compliant with company policies.

In a view that is modern, sustainable and looks toward the future of Enterprise Asset Management, the EAM program must include themes such as predictive models and energy efficiency. In this view, it will be necessary to understand, predict and anticipate future problems and the appropriate responses to them, and to adopt an intelligent asset management that maximizes usage and at the same time minimizes the energy consumption associated with it.

For the discipline of Enterprise Asset Management, many software tools and highly customizable platforms have been created, that allow mapping, not just the assets of specific interest to the company, but also the processes, procedures and company policies involved. All this has the goal of pooling the needs of the assets, the objects of interest, with the availability of services provided for their management.

OMNINECS is a company that specializes in the discipline of Enterprise Asset Management at all levels. Its specialists know how to review and optimize EAM business processes, to customize them for the company, and to recapture precious economies for the customer.

OMNINECS offers a broad range of consultants able to quickly understand the business of the client and to identifying those activities in which an Enterprise Assets Management solution will quickly result in added value. The OMNINECS team has the qualities to support and guide the client in the choice of the best software for achieving the objectives, for mapping company operational processes and for customizations of the EAM software instruments adopted.

OMNINECS operates in an extremely customizable framework, and based on the needs of the customer, will develop “ad hoc” verticals that reproduce on the platform “tailor made” software solutions.

In the EAM area the OMNINECS team has achieved success in the following sectors:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy and Utilities

Generally, the process for implementing and customizing ad hoc software solutions for the creation of a support platform of Enterprise Asset Management includes:

  • analysis and review of current processes
  • verification of the Return on Investment (ROI)
  • management of operating assets
  • management of IT assets
  • workplace safety
  • compliance management
  • process design and implementation
  • architectural design, implementation and maintenance.

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