Business Challenge

The management of large number of real estate properties involves a onerous series of activities in relation to Condominium Association meetings. Functions have been requested which differ from the standard activities managed in Maximo, in response to which a customization was made capable of responding to the specific needs for:

  • structure and centralize the management of participation in association meetings, the documentation and the follow-up, through the primary tool used for property management (Maximo);
  • Prevent unjustified absences and double counting;
  • Provide guidelines of conduct to be applied at the meetings;
  • Constantly monitor the budget they are responsible for;
  • Create a connection point for all elements involved.



The whole procedure was included in a workflow. Through extensions to the Service Request, the workflow manages the duties of participation in the meetings and any replacements or absences, requests for the necessary documents, and determines and assigns follow-up tasks to those responsible.

For the management of the budget a dedicated Business Object was creased, suited to adhering to the client’s specific needs. It has been linked to the management of meetings in order to automate the controls on capital eroded and planned according to information derived from these.

Business Advantage

The rationalization of the activities made it possible to define a number of automatic alarms and the planning of attendance at the meetings through:

  • Planning for attendance in the meetings, the control of unwanted absences, and automated alarms;
  • Monitoring of estimated and actual expenditures with the ability to manage the total budget in a more efficient way;
  • Centralization and facilitation of research for information and documents.

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